IAS is no longer eligible for the age of 40 after the age of 40 -PM NARENDRA MODI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shocked the country. He said that he was shocked when he met the collectors of 115 districts and found that more than 80 percent of the DM found 40-40 years of age and someone’s age 45 years. The Prime Minister said this when he mentioned about the development of a district and the development of another district more. Addressing the National People’s Representative Conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this shocking statement on Saturday in the auditorium of Parliament.

What PM Modi has said about this in his words is as follows:

” I was surprised. Generally the district collector who is almost average is 27-28-30. Young IAS officers are given the opportunity to go there in 3-4 years. But these 115 districts I saw, they got more than 80 percent of the district collectors. They were 40 plus! There were no up to 45! Now tell me the officer of the age of 40-45 is in that district. They have grown up now. Concerned about its admission. In the big city, work is found in his mind. That’s what happens to the children’s education, that’s what keeps them in mind. ”
We are 68 years old, but DM under 40

Surprisingly, the Prime Minister has expressed it, but the country is shocked. Narendra Modi himself is 68 years old. Earlier, Manmohan Singh was holding the post of Prime Minister till the age of 82. How many people in Narendra Modi’s cabinet are still below 40-45? These people can run the country but an IAS should not be eligible for DM post at the age of 40?

Do not worry about the DM family?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself admits that it takes 27 to 30 years for the IAS to reach DM. So, they are not fit to work for 10 years even as DM? Arguments have also given them strange. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has argued that at the age of 40 to 45, the DM is thinking about his child’s career, he is worrying about it. Does DM, who is worried about his family, become careless with his duty?

Does Narendra Modi not even worry about the BJP family?

Prime Minister, do not you worry about your party workers? Let’s personally lucky that neither you become a DM nor your family is in any way in your work. But the BJP’s entire family is yours. Just as you consider 100 million people as your family, in the same way DM also has a complete district family. is not that so? If not, then it is a matter of concern. Work needs to be done on this.

PM how to tan on Promotional IAS

The Prime Minister has also insulted the officers of the state by calling the promotory IAS. Surprised by the fact that the IAS has more than 40 years of age, the PM referred to the promoter IAS raising questions on his ability. The purpose of this mention was to tell that for such reasons a district develops more, no less The Prime Minister said that he has spoken to the Chief Ministers that they should appoint such DMs in the districts which have energy. It seems that the Prime Minister has only seen the energy of the leeking water. They have no experience of what energy is stored in deep water.

More than 40 years of trouble in jobs

The Prime Minister has put such thinking in front of the country that now with his example, the people below 40 years of age will not be considered worthy of work because it will be assumed that they do not have energy.

Are the poor students prepared for the IAS to stay only 10 years DM?

Think about the students. If the Prime Minister believes that today’s youth will be graduate for 21-22 years. The next year he will be the IAS. In the three-four years i.e. 27-28 years-it would be DM. And, after 10 years, DM will not be able to be alone because then he will be thinking about his family.

Is PM Modi unaware of the struggles of students preparing for IAS?

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